Object-Oriented Software Development/Conversion

We are experts in developing Object-Oriented software which interfaces with a variety of complex system components including:

  • DirectX/OpenGL Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL)
  • Real-time engines (COTS and custom)
  • Voice Recognition Engines
  • Touch-screens
  • Common Access Card (CAC) login/interaction
  • Hardware Analog/Digital Data Acquisition
  • Encrypted Network Layers
  • Audio Multiplexing Equipment
  • Instructor/Student Interface Stations

Some NAWCTSD training devices that may be examined as an example of our engineers’ software integration work are the 11F17 Aircraft Conflagration Trainer, 11F12 Aircraft Carrier Catapult Launch Trainer, and the 15G33A Improved Precision Approach Radar Trainer (IPART).  These systems interact with a wide variety of subsystems including hardware Data Acquisition (DAQ) cards, analog/digital hardware, simulated radar, databases, network protocols, real-time engines, touch-screen Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs), and custom fabricated hardware microcontroller boards.