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Supporting Critical Missions Around the World


The mission of NTTC Lackland is to educate, train, and develop Naval Security Forces and Joint Corrections Specialists for world-wide assignment via various courses.  The TTS courses are designed to provide security force training to Navy Master-at-Arms personnel to support shore based, afloat, and forward deployed Commanding Officers in support of Armed Sentry, Security Reaction Force, and Antiterrorism missions and duties, including security reaction force procedures, engagement tactics, and the prevention of threats to a unit, whether from the pier, small boat, or any other means.  Students learn to implement immediate actions to identify, assess, track, and deter potential threats, utilizing and demonstrating the proper tactics, techniques and procedures of the Use of Force Continuum.  They also learn to perform as a Reaction Force Team Leader coordinating team responses in an asymmetrical environment, to include lighted, low-light, and no light situations.

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