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Adsync is a Prime Contractor on the GSA Facilities Maintenance contract. Interested clients may find the GSA 03FAC schedule website here.

Schedule 03FAC covers the following services:

  • Facilities Maintenance and Management

  • Elevator and Escalator Inspection/Maintenance

  • Energy Management Services

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems Maintenance

  • Grounds (including Cemetery) Maintenance

  • Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine Painting

  • Dockside Facilities Maintenance

  • Pest Control

More detailed information can be found at:

The Schedule 03FAC Frequently Asked Questions list for Contracting Officers is located at:

I need help using GSA Schedule 03FAC. Where can I get assistance?

Acquisition professionals from the FMHAC are available to provide guidance and assistance in the use of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules. Please contact the FMHAC Hotline (Monday -Friday 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST) at (816) 926-6760 or by email at

Contact us for more information:

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