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Adsync provides innovative world-wide construction, logistics and sustainment services to the DoD and Governmental Agencies.  For example, Adsync constructs multi-storied training facilities such as the Force  Protection  Ship  Simulators  (FPSS), Ship on Land (SOL),  and Ship in a Box (SIB) training facilities, and Modular Classrooms which allow clients to train shipboard combat operations within a controlled environment. Our latest full construction, for the U.S. Marine Corps, is located in Chesapeake Virginia with our latest  sustainment efforts being in Hawaii, Washington, California, Virginia, Florida, and Japan. Our services include:

  • Detailed design documentation

  • Logistics: Cranes, forklifts, specialized machinery, gear, and materials

  • Construction/fabrication utilizing the carpentry, welding, and masonry disciplines

  • Painting in high corrosion environments to multi-storied structures

  • Multi-flight stairs, ladders, gates, walkways, handrails, steps, steel doors

  • Rappelling systems

  • Safety testing, point load calculations and testing

  • Fall prevention/mitigation designs and testing, deflection characteristics of metals

  • Mechanical/hardware/structural engineering and fabrication

  • Air conditioning, air flow analysis, air quality analysis

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